Department Of Technopreneurship



The course discusses issues and concepts such as framing of ventures in terms of people, opportunities, contexts and deals. Students will be equipped with management, technology and technopreneurship knowledge. The uniqueness of this program lies within the 24 subjects offered which totally focus on developing the students to be real technopreneurs.

Beside the knowledge subjects, BTEC students will also participate in two business plan subjects; one which is related to general business venture and another specializing in the technology-based business venture. This will help students to start up business while still pursuing
their degree or upon graduation. The BTEC students will also be provided assistance in seeking business partners and venture capital to turn their business ideas into reality. Occasionally business matching events will be organized to support the above intentions.



Technopreneurs combines the attributes and responsibilities of a traditional entrepreneur (sales, marketing, business development, managerial)with the technical savviness of technological developer. The career prospect for these graduates may be categorized into two areas. They could be successful persons who start a business especially in technology-based entity. They could also be an intelligent worker in any entrepreneurship supporting industries such as financial institutions, consultancy and advisory bodies, education, training providers, etc.


Program Learning Outcomes (PLO) for Bachelor of Technopreneurship with Honors

Program Outcomes (PO) are statements describing what students are expected to know and be able to perform or attain by the time of graduation. These relate to the skills, knowledge, and behaviors that students acquire through their program of studies.

PLO1 To acquire technopreneurship knowledge
PLO2 To be able to identify, analyze problems and make appropriate decisions in technopreneurship
PLO3 To foster the ability to apply and practice management and technology skills
PLO4 To have the ability to communicate effectively with all entrepreneurial stakeholders
PLO5 To instill social responsibility as an individual or as a group
PLO6 To acknowledge the needs of lifelong learning in technopreneurship
PLO7 To nurture the development of effective technopreneur or workers for technopreneurial sector
PLO8 To practise the knowledge learnt professionally and ethically
PLO9 To nurture the development of effective leader with high integrity in   technopreneurial sector