Rapid change and increasing competitive markets require not only the flawless execution of basic marketing activities, but also critical modifications to standard marketing strategy due to the volatility in these markets. High-tech companies have an excellent reputation for innovation and product attribute superiority. However, this product orientation is no longer sufficient to keep pace with the continually evolving expectations of customers. While being technologically driven is essential, it is the customers' perceptions of superior value that ultimately lead to success in the marketing of high tech products and services.

This course provides for the creation and marketing of high tech products with the perspective and tools necessary to successfully manage the challenges and opportunities of today's turbulent marketplace. Students will gain or improve their ability to use state-of-the-art marketing tools and techniques, appropriate marketing research and competitive intelligent tools to link the needs of the customers with the drive for superior technology.

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Program Outcomes (PO) are statements describing what students are expected to know and be able to perform or attain by the time of graduation. These relate to the skills, knowledge, and behaviors that students acquire through their program of studies.


PLO1 To acquire high technology marketing knowledge.
PLO2 To be able to identify, analyse problems and make appropriate decisions in high technology marketing
PLO3 To foster the ability to apply and practice management and technology skills
PLO4 To have the ability to communicate effectively throughout the marketing supply chain
PLO5 To instil social responsibility as an individual or as a group
PLO6 To acknowledge the needs of lifelong learning in high technology marketing
PLO7 To develop skilled workers with enterprising culture
PLO8 To practice the knowledge learnt professionally and ethically
PL 09 To nurture the development of effective leader with high integrity in high technology marketing



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Graduates may find positions in a wide range of areas. Examples are relationship managers, marketing events managers, credit risk executives, customer service managers, marketing educational and research institutions professionals, and consulting services. Graduate’s skills are transferable to many career areas due to the combination of operational experience, real life exposure and classroom lectures to enhance the employability of the graduates. More importantly, they can become founders of a start-up business in technical marketing entities.