Dean’s Welcome

I want to welcome you to the Faculty of Technology Management and Technopreneurship (FPTT)! Our faculty offers innovative, dynamic, and MQA-accredited academic programs. FPTT is committed to the success of each individual student. We are committed to prepare each student to become successful business leaders in a corporation or their own business. We recognise that business leaders must have technical knowledge, critical thinking skills and be able to communicate ideas in a collaborative environment. In FPTT, you will find your fellow students deeply involved in carefully structured coursework, professional development opportunities like industrial internships, and meaningful hands-on opportunities outside the classroom such as through business/entrepreneurial events and programs that are organised by student associations. Our curriculum puts theory into practice, providing students with the confidence, skills, and experiences to embark successful careers or business ventures.

FPTT has talented and vibrant faculty members who are dedicated to excellence in their teaching and learning, research activities, and community service responsibilities. The teaching and learning activities in FPTT are designed to help students discover their unique abilities to accelerate their success.FPTT believes in educating tomorrow’s leaders while creating new knowledge that will shape the future. In FPTT, our main focus is: Technopreneurship and Innovation. One important factor is the increasing recognition that entrepreneurship improves lives. Now, more than ever, entrepreneurship is essential to economic growth, job creation, and wealth creation.FPTT has strength in educating student entrepreneurs to launch their new ventures. Our forte in entrepreneurship is related to our understanding and promotion of innovation. All business leaders—whether in new ventures or existing organizations—must identify important opportunities and develop creative solutions to complex problems. At FPTT, we instil in emerging leaders the ability to innovate, a tolerance for risk and change, and methods to identify and evaluate business opportunities.

We are really honoured to have you as part of the FPTT family. Cherish each moment that you have with us and together, let us make your dream work. We are so very pleased to welcome you to our faculty and campus.

Thank you.


Faculty of Technology Management and Technopreneurship